Will Pink Update 'Mr. President' for Donald Trump? 'There Aren't Words'

Pink performs at House of Blues Sunset Strip on Oct. 23, 2014 in West Hollywood, Calif.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for St. John

Pink performs at House of Blues Sunset Strip on Oct. 23, 2014 in West Hollywood, Calif.

P!nk has joined the chorus of musicians speaking out against Donald Trump.

When a fan asked if she’d be reworking her song “Dear Mr. President” in light of the new administration, the “Just Like Fire” singer responded with a scalding tweet: “There aren’t words for this shameful person.”

“Dear Mr. President” appeared on her 2006 album I’m Not Dead and served as an open letter to President George W. Bush. The song questions the former president about his feelings toward homelessness, LGBTQ rights and the Iraq War, among other issues.

Though it seems P!nk has no intention of penning a song to President Trump, this isn’t the first time she’s challenged him. Last week, the outspoken pop-rocker marched alongside her family at the Women’s March in Los Angeles. She also had some words for her less-than-tolerant fans the day after Trump’s election, captioning an Instagram with the following:

“To anyone reading this: if you think this is a time for misogynistic jokes, or for laughing about voting in a person that doesn't believe in climate change, or humanity. To any of you closet racists, homophobes, sexists..... please block me. Please unfollow me. We do not respect each other. You do not have my respect, and I obviously don't have yours. We are not friends. To everyone else, we shall overcome. Stay on the path of love and tolerance. Hug your kids. Teach them about diversity and about fighting for others, and sticking up for themselves. I will do my part.”


We march together

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