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Mariah Carey Premieres Break-Up Ballad 'I Don't'

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Mariah Carey ''I Don't''

Mariah Carey let it all out on Sunday night's (Jan. 29) Mariah's World season finale, debuting an emotional break-up ballad "I Don't" in the wake of her split from fiancĂ© James Packer. 

The passionate ballad touches on a love turned to sour grapes with lyrics like, “Cause when you love someone/ You just don't treat them bad/ You messed up all we had/ Probably think I'm coming back/ But I don't, I don't.”

Discussing her breakup with the Australian businessman during the episode, Mariah explained, "Ever since the tour wrapped I took some time just to process my feelings, and I started writing a song to express what I've been going through. And if you're not getting the love that you need from someone that you're supposed to be in a real relationship with, then why remain in that situation?”

Adding to the suspense for the next season, the finale ended with Carey taking a trip to Maui with her dancer, Bryan Tanaka, where they shared a kiss.

Listen to a clip of Carey’s new track “I Don’t” below.