Happy Birthday, Grace VanderWaal: Rewatch the Audition That Shot Her to Stardom

Grace VanderWaal
Trae Patton/NBC

Grace VanderWaal on America's Got Talent.

Grace VanderWaal walked on to the America's Got Talent stage with a combination of humility and confidence that immediately had the judges and the world hooked.

She impressed Simon Cowell even before she started singing when she declared that she'd be singing an original instead of a rendition of another artist's song. But then once she actually started singing, she had Simon and Co. completely blown away.

Funny enough, when Cowell asked her if she thought she could win, VanderWaal replied, "I mean miracles can happen, so..." Considering he later gave her the tagline "the next Taylor Swift," Cowell didn't seem to think VanderWaal needed a miracle to win -- and boy, was he right.

In celebration of her 13th birthday Sunday (Jan. 15), rewatch VanderWaal's America's Got Talent audition below.