Ed Sheeran Once Pretended He Was Calvin Harris to Get Into Madonna's Oscars Party

Ed Sheeran performs at the Natural History Museum in London.
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Ed Sheeran performs at the Natural History Museum in London. 

Despite their U.K. roots, Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris look nothing alike -- but that didn't matter for the English singer-songwriter when it came to getting some VIP party access.

During Sheeran's visit to New York City's 92.3 AMP Radio Friday morning (Jan. 13), the "Shape of You" singer recalled a time when he claimed he was a tall Scottish DJ rather than a 5' 8" ginger-haired British singer. Yes, Sheeran once claimed he was Calvin Harris.

When AMP Radio's Shoboy asked Sheeran if he's ever snuck into somewhere cool, he had quite the story. "Yeah, I went to an Oscars party at Madonna’s manager’s house by saying I was Calvin Harris. It was at a time when no one knew what he looked like, just the DJ name, and I was with my cousin and Rita Ora. Rita Ora was with Calvin Harris at this point. She said Calvin’s on the list and I know he’s not coming, so just say that you’re him."

So, did Ora's sneaky ploy work? You bet.

"I walked up to the door and said, ‘Hi, I’m Calvin Harris,’ and they were like, ‘In you go, sir.’ It was a really amazing party, Prince was there actually," he continued. "The first person I saw when I walked in was Prince. And apparently Calvin Harris was there, a bit shorter and a bit less Scottish, a bit less abs as well… That was quite a funny thing."

That wasn't the only interesting thing Sheeran shared during the 17-minute interview, either. He also revealed that he'll be singing in Spanish on the Divide track "Barcelona" -- even singing an excerpt of the Spanish part for listeners -- also mentioning that Major Lazer will be remixing Sheeran's new song "Shape of You" in the near future.

Watch the full AMP Radio interview below.