Demi Lovato Endorses New #DemiLovatoChallenge Viral Dance Craze

Demi Lovato
Matthew Eisman/WireImage

Demi Lovato performs live on stage during Global Citizen Festival 2016 at Central Park on Sept. 24, 2016 in New York City. 

"Umm.. this #demilovatochallenge is giving me LIFE."

It's a new year and already there's a new viral dance craze to indulge in. The #DemiLovatoChallenge has been picking up steam online, giving dance fans (and Demi Lovato fans) something to get excited about. 

The contest spans back to a video young rapper Kandi Reign shared last month, showing off a dance routine with friends to her new song "I Feel Like Demi Lovato." Soon, it became clear others were feeling it too and began submitting their own versions -- where the main rules seem to be looking fresh and having fun. 

Watch Reign's original video here:


On Monday, Lovato endorsed the challenge herself, saying, "Umm.. this #demilovatochallenge is giving me LIFE." That same day, her younger sister Madison De La Garza shared a video of her getting down to the challenge as well.