Watch Victoria Beckham Join Mel C to Sing '2 Become 1' for a Mini Spice Girls Reunion

Even if we never see another complete Spice Girls reunion again, 2017 at least started with a mini one.

When Melanie Chisholm (aka Mel C) performed at Victoria and David Beckham's New Year's Eve party in the Maldives, she tried enticing her former bandmate onstage by singing a Spice Girls classic -- and it worked.

Chisholm sang "2 Become 1" during her performance, for which Beckham joined to sing and sway along (and further the throwback moment with a couple of peace signs), arm-in-arm with her fellow Spice Girl.

Unlike the missing members of the group -- Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell -- Chisholm and Beckham have both voiced that they won't be taking part in a reunion anytime soon. After Beckham announced that she simply didn't have time amidst her fashion and family endeavors, Chisholm wrote an essay expressing that "something didn't feel quite right" and she would not be joining either. At least the gals aren't totally against paying homage to their girl group beginnings.

Watch the mini Spice Girls reunion below: