Camila Cabello's 11 Standout Vocal Moments in Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello performs in 2016
 Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

Camila Cabello performs on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Dec. 1, 2016.

It's never easy to say goodbye to someone, especially when they hold such an important role in your life. This was extremely relevant for the members of Fifth Harmony after they broke the news that Camila Cabello was leaving the group late Sunday night, as well as for fans around the world who adore the girl group.

But as devastating as Cabello's exit may be for some, it's also an opportunity to reflect on her contributions to the group. There's no denying that Cabello provided some of the most memorable moments in 5H's discography, using her sugary sweet (yet dominant) voice to add some standout power notes and runs.

As Cabello prepares to take her unique voice on a solo endeavor, we're celebrating the 19-year-old's most powerful vocal moments from her time in the group:

Those big notes at the end of "Work From Home"

Once Ty Dolla $ign concludes his rap portion of the innuendo-filled hit single, Cabello kicks off the track's final chorus with a power note that she continues with additions of "oh oh, oh oh" as the rest of the group seductively sings.

Second verse in "All in My Head (Flex)"

Although Ally Brooke sultrily sang the exact same verse in the beginning of the song, Cabello delivered it in a completely different manner after the first chorus. Between breathy soprano notes and the sass she served up, the lines sound like they include completely different lyrics.

"Brave Honest Beautiful" chorus

While there really are five harmonies in many of 5H's choruses, Cabello seems to be the leader of the pack for many of them, with this Reflection tune being one of the most pertinent.

"Like Mariah" chorus

Another example of Cabello's chorus spearheading, Cabello channeled her inner Mariah Carey (just as the song alludes) for the first chorus with a decrescendo that is as sexy as it is impressive.

"Going Nowhere" chorus

Cabello apparently wanted to focus on choruses on Reflection, because here's a third instance. While the harmonies on this track mask Cabello's vocals a little more than the previous two, it's definitely not difficult to identify her voice among the rest of the bunch.

"Better Together" bridge

Not one of the power-note tracks for Cabello, but rather a demonstration of her ability to handle runs like a champ. Just listen to how she sings "I want you back."

"This is How We Roll" note

The first three-quarters of this bumping EDM-laced tune are more focused on the beats than the girls' voices, but once Cabello steps up to sing the title phrase, she belts out perhaps one of the biggest notes of her career thus far.

"I Lied" chorus

Talk about a great display of the range Cabello has developed.

End of "Them Girls Be Like" chorus

There's something almost enchanting about how she delivers “Hey, hey, that’s what we be like” with such ease and elegance.

"Write on Me" bridge

Plenty of Fifth Harmony's songs give all of the girls a chance to show off their chops, but everyone took a backseat to Cabello on this one -- and she took full advantage.

"Leave My Heart Out of This" chorus

What's pretty much foreshadowing for all of the chorus-leading Cabello did on Reflection, the closer for 5H's debut EP allowed the world to see the talent that was to come in subsequent albums with the band and beyond.