Milo Greene Deliver Breathtaking Harmonies on 'We Kept The Lights On': Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy of Nettwerk
Milo Greene

Back in 2012, indie-pop quartet Milo Greene kicked down doors with the airy and affecting track "1957," off their self-titled debut. Since then, the group released their sophomore effort, 2015's Control, and more recently announced they have signed with Nettwerk, just in time to prepare for an upcoming EP and tour. 

Today (Dec. 1), the Los Angeles outfit is sharing the first taste of the currently untitled EP, which is slated for a Spring release, exclusively with Billboard. The track, titled "We Kept The Lights On," sees the return of the group's rich and chilling three-part harmonies, though here the instrumentation surges with more urgency and drive than heard on previous records. While this new song may signal a divergence from pure pop and showcase a deeper dive into rock, Graham Fink tells Billboard the song still illustrates their strong suits. 

‚Äč“This song feels like it’s at the epicenter of our collective sensibilities as a band," he says. "It’s sultry and haunting, but also melodically focused and driven by increasingly heavy drums and electric guitars."

Even after nearly half a decade of growth and change, Fink assures, "It just really feels like Milo.”

Listen to "We Kept The Lights On" below.