Demi Lovato Says 'It Is Possible to Live Well' With Mental Illness

The 'Body Say' Singer opens up to People magazine about her bipolar disorder.

Demi Lovato has been pretty vocal about her battle with bipolar disorder, but in a new interview with People, the 24-year-old singer assured fans that "it is possible to live well" with mental illness. "I'm living proof of that," Lovato said of her journey since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011.

"If you know someone or if you're dealing with it yourself, just know that it is possible to live well," she said, describing her day-to-day life as a "work in progress" that involves support from her family, friends and treatment team. "They're there for me at any moment of the day and will be there to support me throughout my recovery."

One of the most effective therapies Lovato said she found in treatment was distracting herself with mobile games like Zombarazzie Adventure whenever she felt the urge to do something potentially harmful. She's also found solace in her work with a number of mental health agencies she teamed with in 2015 (called Be Vocal: Speak up for Mental Health) to encourage others to speak out about struggles with mental health with doctors, family and friends.

"This partnership means a lot to my fans because so many of my fans are dealing with mental illness, whether it's depression or bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia," Lovato said, noting that she's also seeking to eliminate the stigmas around mental illness. "I have fans that deal with all sorts of mental illnesses so this is very important to them."

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