Jessica Lowndes Stands Up for 'Nasty Women' With 'Take Your Makeup Off' Challenge

Underneath the Mask by Jessica Lowndes
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Jessica Lowndes "Underneath the Mask"

The former "90210" actress also released the supplementary song & video "Underneath the Mask."

As the #MannequinChallenge continues to blow up the Internet, actress/singer Jessica Lowndes is hoping another challenge will catch fire and inspire. Behold, the #TakeYourMakeupOffChallenge.

Inspired in part by the degrading comments now-president-elect Donald Trump made throughout his campaign, Lowndes -- who is Canadian, meaning she couldn't vote on Tuesday -- created the challenge as a way to use her platform to build women up. "I see powerful men saying things in public and degrading women every day," Lowndes tells Billboard in an email. "[The challenge] is a message that together as women, we will not succumb to bullying from men of any kind."

The concept is simple: Post a makeup-free selfie or video on your own social media with the hashtag #TakeYourMakeupOffChallenge and nominate other girls in your life to do the same in the next 24 hours -- similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge. Yet, Lowndes admits it was even difficult for her to do ("I felt very vulnerable," she says).

Lowndes' contribution to her challenge involved a music video for her new song "Underneath the Mask," which features derogatory words that have been said in the past by Trump and other high-profile men. But she also asserts that men aren't the only ones suppressing women.

"We are constantly bombarded with society's unrealistic beauty standards. In the world of Facetune, filters and plastic surgery, it makes it that much harder for girls to embrace natural beauty and body goals. The challenge is a reminder that it's OK to be ourselves," she continues. "It's not about cutting makeup out of your life. It's about living with the mind-set that it is an addition to your beauty."

With Trump officially taking over the Oval Office come January, it will likely be a little more challenging for women to channel the confidence Lowndes is looking to influence -- at least based on what he's said in the past. Regardless, Lowndes reassures that she won't let Trump get in the way of anything.

"For me, this challenge, video and song won't end November 8th. I will keep the focus on sexism, bullying and fighting against the 'nasty,'" she says. "Each time someone posts a picture of themselves with no makeup on, it's a vote of confidence that they are putting in themselves, and that's a positive step in my opinion."

Watch "Underneath the Mask" below.


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