Maggie Rogers Delivers More Sonic Serenity on New Track 'Dog Years': Listen

Courtesy Photo  
Maggie Rogers

After much buildup and anticipation following her standout debut "Alaska" -- which has been stamped with Pharrell Williams' very public approval -- budding singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers has now shared her second song, "Dog Years." 

As with any second release, the product can either prove or dismiss the success of a debut. In the case of Rogers, though, this new song solidifies her as an artist to watch (and with a close eye, at that). 

Her sensibility for fusing breathy vocals with breathtaking production, along with her youthful and inspired lyrics, can be heard on both "Alaska" and "Dog Years," though the most striking difference between the two is her range. "Dog Years" sees the singer explore the highs and lows of her voice, resulting in a blissful sonic journey. 

Along with its release, Rogers took to Twitter to hint at the song's meaning. Perhaps it's really about whatever listeners want it to be.