Vancouver Sleep Clinic Share Ethereal New Song 'Someone To Stay': Exclusive Premiere

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

The name of indie act Vancouver Sleep Clinic is both confusing yet entirely accurate: The members are actually Australian, though the music they create is so rich and soothing it can indeed lull listeners into a quiet daydream.

Tim Bettinson, "the guiding creative force" behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic (according to the press release) had never even ventured to Canada when it came time to name the project, though he settled on Vancouver because of his inherent fascination with the city.

While selecting a name proved simple, the sonic structures that Vancouver Sleep Clinic create are anything but. Heavenly and harmonious layers are woven together in a cohesive and unassuming fashion, often united by a steadying though subtle pulse heard on nearly every song. Subtly is key for this act, from the composure of their music to their release strategy -- their debut EP Winter arrived in 2014 with little to no promotion. Now, following a strong and passionate response from fans, Vancouver Sleep Clinic are preparing to deliver their debut album.

So far, listeners have warmly received the piano-based "Lung" and the (ever so slightly) more upbeat "Killing Me To Love You," for which they made their first-ever music video. Today (Nov. 3), Vancouver Sleep Clinic are sharing their newest track "Someone To Stay" exclusively with Billboard.

"Making this song was really special," Bettinson tells Billboard. "It was one of those magic moments where everything just came together and the song immediately made sense; and we got to record a children's choir on it, which has always been a dream of mine."

The children's choir's chilling contribution adds yet another layer of ethereal energy to the track. Elsewhere, Bettinson's fragile falsetto and near vocal breaks instill a deeply rooted sense of love, as the lyrics touch on the act of loving another and the desire to have that love reciprocated. 

Currently, Vancouver Sleep Clinic are on tour with Daughter, serving as the opening act for the indie folk band. Until the debut album arrives, listen to "Someone To Stay" below.