Mark Ronson Snaps Back at Chainsmokers Over Their Lady Gaga Diss: 'Smash it While It Lasts, Fellas!!'

Mark Ronson at Hollywood Palladium on Feb. 10, 2016 in Los Angeles.

Don't mess with Mark Ronson's friends. That's the lesson EDM duo The Chainsmokers learned over the weekend when Ronson chivalrously came to Lady Gaga's defense after the "Closer" pair said in a recent interview that they thought Gaga's Ronson-produced Joanne single "Perfect Illusion" "sucked." 

After Gaga tweeted out a note gently suggesting the guys might like her new single, "A-Yo," better, Ronson took the gloves off went in on the 'Smokers. In response to a tweet from The Chainsmokers simply stating "And we're back" with a middle finger emoji, Ronson apparently thought the guys were getting snarky with Gaga once again. "Back to being the charisma-bypassed champions of 2 bar Ableton loops?" the producer/songwriter teased them in a diss on their musical prowess. "Well, smash it while it lasts, fellas!!"



The kicker was a helpful link to an article entitled "7 Safest, Low-Risk Investments for Your Money," a not-so-subtle suggestion that they put away some of their money for a rainy day.

Judging by The Chainsmokers' response, their bird-flipping tweet had nothing to do with Gaga.



The Twitter feud seemingly stopped there, but it seems The Chainsmokers might want to watch what they say. Ronson clearly has no fear in calling the chart-topping duo out.