Watch Tom Hanks Flawlessly Recreate the 'Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop' Rap From 'Big'

Courtesy Photo
Fan rapping with Tom Hanks. 

Tom Hanks never forgets. After crushing it (David S. Pumpkins forever!) on Saturday Night Live, the Oscar-winning star has done it again, delighting fans with a perfect re-creation of his "shimmy shimmy cocoa pop" rap from Big. As you might recall, in the 1988 comedy directed by Penny Marshall Hanks played a child whose wish to be "big" turns him into an adult overnight. At one point, his character has to convince best friend Billy Kopecki of his identity by busting a rhyme only they know.

Promoting his latest starring role in an adaptation of a Dan Brown book, Inferno, Hanks hooked up with YouTube stars Wong Fu Productions, who flew to Florence, Italy, to meet the actor (and director Ron Howard), where they asked him if he remembered the Big verses. "I'm gonna try something a little crazy," explains one-half of the team, Philip Wang, in a six-minute YouTube clip about their meeting with Hanks. "There's this rap from the movie Big that he did in the 80s... he does with his best friend. And for some reason I memorized it back then." His dream? To perform the rap with Hanks.

(The rap happens at 3:39)

Hanks explained that he borrowed the rap from a song one of his children sang at summer camp.