Melanie Martinez Unveils New Fragrance, Cry Baby Perfume Milk: Exclusive

Melanie Martinez in a commercial for Cry Baby Perfume Milk.
Courtesy Photo

Melanie Martinez in a commercial for Cry Baby Perfume Milk.

Melanie Martinez is adding another title to her resume: Perfume creator. The singer's Cry Baby album inspired her to concoct a fragrance for her fans, aptly titled Cry Baby Perfume Milk, which she announced Tuesday (Oct. 25), sharing an exclusive first look with Billboard.

Invented by Melanie herself ("The idea for this perfume has been cultivating in my brain since the moment I finished writing my album," she said in an exclusive statement), Cry Baby Perfume Milk is a blend of sugary and spicy scents, with burnt caramel and woods combining for what she describes as a "nostalgic and sweet" smell. 

It may seem a bit strange to think about spraying milk on your body, but the perfume's name is simply a reflection of the bottle's shape. Going along with Melanie's "warped childhood aesthetic," the fragrance comes in a vintage baby bottle, twist-off rubber top and all. While the perfume itself actually does look like milk, don't worry -- it sprays on clear. 

Adding to the uniqueness of the perfume, it's the first fragrance to be directly distributed by a record label (Melanie is signed with Atlantic Records). Melanie called the perfume creation process "magical," but Nina Webb, VP of Marketing for Atlantic, said adding something like this to an artist's repertoire is just as beneficial as it is exciting. "To be able to work with an artist like Melanie who has built such a loyal and passionate fan base is always the ultimate dream in artist development," she told Billboard via email. "Melanie's fans love and trust what she delivers, so we were excited to bring her vision to life."

Cry Baby Perfume Milk will be available in the continental US and sold online at crybabybottle.com beginning Dec. 19, but you can pre-order the fragrance now.

Watch the commercial for Cry Baby Perfume Milk below.