Joe Jonas Discusses DNCE's Sensual 'Body Moves' Video on Tidal X Black Carpet

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images
DNCE attend TIDAL X: 1015 at Barclays Center on Oct. 15, 2016 in New York City.  

DNCE also talk upcoming debut album and their bubbly personas on the black carpet at TIDAL X 1015.

DNCE are fresh off the release of "Body Moves," the lead single from their upcoming self-titled full-length debut, out Nov. 18. While walking the black carpet Saturday evening (Oct. 15) for the Tidal X 1015 benefit concert, the bubbly pop band told Billboard they have no plans of slowing down once the album's out. 

"What we love the most is just doing stuff," Cole Whittle said. "So as soon as it’s out all we’re going to be thinking about is the next album and the next album after that." Joe Jonas added, "From the core of us, we do this because we love it. [We] do this because we can’t help but do it."

The music released from the quartet so far all shares one similarity in that the songs are undeniably upbeat, infectious pop tunes.

"We’re annoyingly positive and hyper and fun," Whittle says of the bands enduring positivity. "It’s kind of just our personality." He adds that as a result of all the negativity occurring in the world right now, "You see a lot of people taking themselves so seriously and stopping the energy from exploding all the time, and we make it a point to wipe the slate clean and be explosive and just be ourselves, and I think you always get rewarded by the universe for that." 

Jonas said their most notable reward so far was winning Best New Artist at the MTV VMA's. 

Later in the evening, DNCE took to the stage to perform a medley of Prince's "Kiss" and their first hit "Cake by the Ocean." They also included "Body Moves" in their set, though unlike the video Jonas remained fully clothed. When asked how his teenage self would have reacted to the track's promiscuous music video, he said, "He’d say, 'Lucky you.' I think more so he’d be like, 'Damn, could we speed up this process so I can be in that video.' Took too damn long."

It seems that this time around, though, with his new band members by his side and success well within reach, there will be no time to waste.