Lady Gaga, John Legend, Cher & More Rail Against Donald Trump

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John Legend, Lady Gaga and Cher.

Lady Gaga summed up the way Donald Trump's reaction to sexual assault allegations made her (and other assault survivors) feel in a poignant tweet this week: "[It] sent abused women into a panic."

Mother Monster was just the latest musician to speak out against the pugnacious Republican presidential candidate, as what pundits have called the nastiest presidential campaign in U.S. history steams toward its Nov. 8 conclusion.


Gaga joins a growing chorus of artists who've voiced their concern (and disgust) with the billionaire real estate mogul as the rhetoric in his scorched-earth campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton has gotten more vicious and a stream of new allegations of sexual impropriety have emerged.

Here's a list of eight other artists who have made it clear in the past few weeks that they are definitely #WithHer:

The White Stripes

The defunct duo landed a sick burn after hearing that Trump used their hit "Seven Nation Army" in a campaign video by offering up some anti-Donald merch.


#AntiTrump shirt available for pre-order NOW at #ickytrump

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Backstreet Boys

The man band's publicist told The Daily Beast this week that "[The Backstreet Boys] did not approve this and we are not associated with the Trump camp," when word emerged that The Donald played their signature hit "I Want It That Way" at a Florida rally.

Death Cab for Cutie

The rockers joined a Dave Eggers-headed initiative called 30 Days, 30 Songs that will roll out a new previously unreleased track every day through Election Day in an effort to ensure DT doesn't make it to the White House. The band doesn't mince words in the lyrics of "Million Dollar Loan": “You reap what you sow/ From a million-dollar loan/ Call your father on the phone/ And get that million-dollar loan.”

Jim James

The My Morning Jacket singer also threw down for the 30 Days project, offering up a track called "Same Old Lie." In a statement announcing the track, he wrote: "The fact that the United States is even remotely considering the idea of a Donald Trump presidency is so very, very disturbing. How has this bully who capitalizes on the destruction of humanity somehow been given a free pass? We need to be working for peace, love, and equality. We need to find new and better ways to take care of each other, to make this nation a place where all feel safe and welcome, regardless of race, sex, or creed. We can't be ruled by the fear and hatred that Trump continues to push down our throats. Let’s sing our songs and cast our votes and work together to help make this country the center of peace and love that we all know it can be."

Emily West

The country singer and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant said she was "grossed out" when she read a transcript of a 2010 episode she appeared on in which Trump said, "Her skin sucks, OK? I mean her skin, she needs some serious f---in' dermatology." The "Rocks in My Shoes" singer told Rolling Stone that she was "obviously" hurt by the comments, but not at all surprised. "He doesn't know how the human heart works," she said. "You can't say things like that to people and then one day expect to win; our character is going to show up."

John Legend

During a free club show in Cincinnati in support of Clinton on Sunday night, the singer unleashed a rant against Trump that drew cheers from the packed crowd. "We know how important it is that we don't let Donald Trump any closer to the White House than that hotel down the street," he said. "We know that he is temperamentally unfit. We know he's unqualified. We know he's incurious. We know he is unprepared. We know he is a racist. ... He's spent his whole political career demonizing black and brown people, demonizing immigrants, demonizing women, objectifying women. He doesn't deserve to lead this country. He doesn't deserve to be elected dog catcher in your local county." 


You don't have to dig too deep to find some serious Trump haterade on the pop icon's Twitter feed. She's basically been a one-woman wrecking crew for the past year, dissing the D on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.


The rapper made no bones about his distaste on the track "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)." But at a show in San Diego last month, the Compton MC got his audience into the mix when he welcomed some fans onstage to take swings at a piñata in the Republican presidential candidate's likeness.