Tiffany Houghton Has Something You're 'Gonna Love': Exclusive Song & Video Premiere

Tiffany Houghton
Steven Taylor

Tiffany Houghton

Love is like a 1960s mod dream in Tiffany Houghton’s video for her latest single “I’m Gonna Love You”; both the song and video are premiering exclusively on Billboard below.

Following her song “Catch Me If You Can,” the 22-year old Dallas native found her inspiration from a somewhat atypical place for pop music, all while maintaining her prowess for catchy, upbeat tunes. How she landed on the British mod movement was entirely by chance.

“This cultural revolution of ‘mod’ became fascinating to me after I came across this Diary of a Mod Girl I found online from the '60s. [Writer Tracey Dawn Wilmott] said that being a Mod was/is all about being different from the crowd,” Houghton says.

The video follows the colorful kookiness of “Catch Me If You Can” but adds an additional layer to the reoccurring theme of stereotypes established in the first release. It feels like a natural progression, as both videos were directed by Martin and Oscar Ubilluz and adhere to the same visual style, but Houghton admits, “I wanted to make a point with this video.”

“In my last vid I played the Barbie after being called that so many times. I made fun of myself and had fun doing that because I know that's not really me at all,” Houghton says. “This time around I hit my audience with a paradigm shift…at the end these ‘Daddy's girls’ actually turn out to be stewardesses, traveling the world, hard at work and hard at play!”

The same sensibilities that comprised the free love and individual spirit of the bygone decade are just as present in Houghton’s voice as they are onscreen. The lightness that she brings to the song’s lyrics is genuine in a way that proves experience and accessibility. Fittingly, the initial spark arrived in a situation that everyone hopes for, but only some can relate to.

"After the shoot that day [for her Christmas-themed ‘Blame it on the Snow’ video], I went out with this guy my brother set me up with,” Houghton says. “Go big bro, because it was an amazing first date. Afterwards I was jotting down song ideas in the elevator before I even made it to my room."

Beyond the subversive twists and historical allusions, “I’m Gonna Love You” manages to be pure pop to the core. This is perhaps because Houghton hasn’t lost sight of the emotions that lead to good old-fashioned romance.

"This song is the butterflies. It's jumping off the cliff before you know anyone's gonna catch you,” Houghton says. “It's the delusional belief that the person you just met could be the love of your life."

“I’m Gonna Love You” is the second track from Houghton’s upcoming LP, which is currently set for early 2017. Check out the exclusive song stream below.