Girlyboi Finds Perfect Harmony on 'Good Looks' EP

Lauren Withrow


Girlyboi is bringing new meaning to “power couple” on their latest EP Good Looks. Not only does the duo -- Midwest natives and Brooklyn residents Carly Russ and Joseph Matick -- create a harmonious collaboration as artists in love, but they also do not allow their relationship to take the focus away from other pressing matters at hand. For this duo, those issues revolve around surviving New York City as young adults.

"Good Looks is like if Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn wrote an album about birth control and late rent,” the band says. Russ and Matick utilize an array of genres and influences to convey the different emotions pulling at a couple trying to make it in the Big Apple. From the bluesy “Love Hurts” to the blistering “Vanity Fair” to the bare folk of closing track “Long Country Road,” they build a collage of sounds with their pleasant and unique vocal duets acting as the glue.

Reflecting on the folk roots of the album, the band tells Billboard, “At the end of the day if I can’t play these songs for my kids around a campfire, I don’t want to be making music."

These songs are certainly fireside-ready, but they are a lot more coming-of-age than “Kumbaya.” Check out the full stream of Good Looks below.