Lady Gaga, Rolling Stones Launch Custom Twitter Emojis to Promote New Albums

Christopher Smith/Invision/AP, File
Lady Gaga appears at the Maxwell Spring/Summer 2017 collection at The Russian Tea Room in New York City on Sept. 13, 2016. 

Here's something you can do when you are one of the biggest rock bands (or pop singers) on the planet: get your own custom Twitter emoji. That explains why Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga fans are filling their feeds with images of the Stones' iconic tongue and lips (now in blue!) and a pink-hat-wearing Gaga emoji -- promoting their upcoming Blue & Lonesome and Joanne albums, respectively.

Ahead of their upcoming gig at the Desert Trip, and in honor of the band's first-ever all-blues album, the Stones have teamed with Twitter to create the new tongue and lips logo, which you can trigger by using any of the following hashtags:



On Wednesday (Oct. 5), Gaga launched her own #JOANNE emoji in conjunction with Twitter (the first such partnership between the service and an artist to help promote an album preorder), which mimics the album's cover image and launches when users employ the #Joanne hash. In announcing the tag, Gaga -- who is the 6th most-followed person on the service -- told her 64 million followers to "have fun finding the hashtags you can use it with." (Hint: Try #Gaga, #LadyGaga, #JOANNE, #JoannePreorder, #DiveBarTour.)

In announcing the emoji, Twitter said it is the "first one of many surprises Gaga will have for her Twitter fans between now and the album launch on 10/27."

Twitter has done custom emojis in the past for Britney Spears and Chance the Rapper, and currently has a couple in the mix for Fox's Empire.​ (Click on the tweets to see the emojis in action.)