'Empire' Episode 3 Recap: Lucious and Cookie Declare War & Mariah Carey Records with Jamal

Mariah Carey on Empire
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Mariah Carey on Empire on Oct. 5, 2016.

There’s always drama brewing in the Lyon house, but prior to Wednesday night’s episode (Oct. 5) of Empire, the hip-hop dynasty brought their A game in saving face. Despite their best “everything’s alright” impression, in “What Remains Is Bestial,” the cracks were beginning to show as each main character faced off with their own demons (and each other).

Andre realized his assault with cops puts more at stake than just his reputation as Tariq offered to help him in exchange for Lucious’ Achilles heel. Jamal spiraled further into his PTSD (and the pill bottle), which surprisingly helped him record a smash duet with Kitty (played by Mariah Carey). Anika used Lucious’ own tricks against him, while Cookie challenged Lucious to an all-out war over Empire. Elsewhere, Hakeem stirs up beef with rapper Graham, played by Lil Romeo.

See who goes head-to-head in this week’s highlights below.

Andre Vs. The Cops

Following his assault, the eldest Lyon son found himself at the center of a Black Lives Matter uproar “What happened to me is what’s happening all across America,” he told a reporter. Though he knows he was mistreated, he partially blamed himself for the mishap as he explained the account to his parents. “Look, I gave ‘em attitude,” he said. “I’m not gonna fight fire with fire.”

A judge charged Andre with felony assault based on the dirty cop’s false accounts and during a moment of frustration over Andre’s willingness to roll over, Lucious addressed his sons about the reality of their world. “When you step outside of this high wall of privilege I’ve built around you, you might as well be Trayvon or Philando or Freddie… But you better get woke and quick because you are one moment away from becoming a hashtag," he ranted while taking the boys through a tour of his rough old neighborhood in a massive limo.

Meanwhile, Tariq offered to make the whole mess go away if Andre ratted on Lucious’ illegal dealings. “I get it, you think you can make me inform on my father in exchange for dropping some charges, right? That ain’t gonna happen,” Andre said.

Hakeem Vs. Graham

Hakeem’s ex-girlfriend, Tiana, and her new boo Graham shared a kiss à la Rihanna and Drake during their Caribbean-tinged performance, which got the the youngest Lyon charged up to record a diss track. Though Nessa is feeling Hakeem, she bowed out of singing the hook on the record aimed at his ex. “I get it, you mad at your ex, Keem, but disrespecting her is not my jam,” she said right before Shine choked her for refusing to sing.

Jamal vs. His Addiction

‘I’m gonna cure you of this PTSD,” Cookie naively told Jamal after he visited a PTSD therapy group. To get him back on top as Empire’s star artist, she pulled some strings to get him a song and a tour with Kitty. Jamal declined the multi-city run but offered to livestream their recording session on the faltering Empire X Stream as exclusive content. As expected, Lucious rejoiced.

The session started off rocky when Jamal missed a few notes, but after slyly popping a pill or four, Jamal and Kitty slayed every note. “Man, that boy is high as a kite but damn he sounds good,” Lucious said. Cookie, however, was still in denial about Jamal’s issues. “Oh, shut up. He is not,” she declared.

Anika Vs. Luscious

Despite Anika’s incessant requests to leave the house, Lucious continued to keep her locked away as his prisoner. But after she caught him with another woman, she ended his reign by using his own tactics against him. Lucious later found Anika with the mail man in his office, where she finally laid down the new law. “I married you to save yo ass, so let’s be clear, I’m not the one who needs this marriage.” she told him. “I’m gonna do what I want when I want or we both go down in flames.”

Lucious Vs. Cookie

Since Cookie stomped on Lucious’ ego in last week’s episode by showing interest in Angelo, he's been on a war path to return the feeling. After reneging on his promise not to release Jamal’s pre-gunshot songs, he announced that he erased the songs Cookie produced, renamed the album and will release it as a new concept. That set the mama Lyon off. “This ain’t got nothing to do with Empire X Stream,” she told him. “This is personal.”

He admitted that she hurt his feelings, but he decided to keep things about business. “I’m retaking control of Empire music.”

Cookie challenged him, “If you try to kick me out, that means war. Is that what you want, Lucious?”

“Let the games begin, Cook,” he said.