Jason Paige Gives 'Pokemon Go' a Timely Theme

Jason Paige
Courtesy Photo

Jason Paige 

Since it's inception in 1996, The Pokemon franchise has expanded across nearly all media platforms, including a classic '90s TV theme song that has become an unlikely karaoke staple. Earlier this week, the Pokemon brand got a futuristic, EDM-meets-rock anthem to go with its wildly successful new Pokemon Go title -- courtesy of Jason Paige, the man behind the original Pokemon tune.

"For all the players and fans... this is for you", the description of the song reads. Paige also released a humorous video to accompany the track, in which he's seen playing the Pokemon Go game, as he sings "Go Pokemon/ go, you can find them everywhere/ go Pokemon/ go, let your heart just take you there". 

Watch Paige catch 'em all in the video below.