10 Pop Stars Who Have Gone Naked for a Good Cause

Andrzej Dragan for PETA
Joss Stone in a campaign for PETA.

They stripped down in order to speak up.

Recently, Katy Perry bared all in an effort to promote the importance of voting -- no matter what you wear (or don't). Her stripped-down stunt was in good humor, as it was part of a Funny or Die bit, but countless other celebrities have gone nude for a good cause with less-comedic intent. Whether posing for PETA, raising funds for melanoma research, or increasing awareness for various types of cancer, everything must go for these 10 pop stars when it comes time to call attention to causes they believe in. 

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Miley Cyrus for "Protect the Skin You’re In"
Miley Cyrus had quite the year in 2013, as the release of Bangerz signaled the shedding of her (mostly) good girl image. That wasn't the only thing she shed, though, as she also took part in fashion designer Marc Jacobs' “Protect the Skin You’re In” T-shirt campaign, which aims to raise awareness and funds for melanoma research. Cyrus, who was 20 at the time, joined a handful of models who had previously posed for the campaign. 

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Adam Levine for Everyman 
Back in 2011, long before Adam Levine was a husband or father, he posed nearly entirely nude in an issue of British Cosmopolitan. The only thing he didn't show was his lower region, which his then girlfriend kindly covered with her hands. The shoot was done in good taste, on behalf of the Everyman campaign, a U.K.-based prostate and testicular cancer campaign. 

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P!nk for PETA​

As part of PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign, a smiling -- and naked -- P!nk appeared on a billboard in Times Square last year. This wasn't the first time P!nk joined in on a PETA campaign, as she previously lent her voice to a video targeting animal skins, though this time she lent a little bit more of herself to the cause.  

Alicia Keys for #WeAreHere​

Alicia Keys has always been an inciter of peaceful and positive change. Back in 2014, she took a new approach by posing nude (while pregnant) with a large peace sign painted on her stomach. The photo, which she shared on Instagram, was to help draw awareness to her then-newly formed initiative known as the #WeAreHere movement, which aims to "reboot the world." 

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​Demi Lovato for body positivity 


"Three rules: no makeup, no clothes, no retouching." #vanityfair #CONFIDENT

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On the cusp of releasing her 2015 record Confident, Demi Lovato proved she was as her LP title implied, by posing for a series of nude portraits to accompany her feature story in Vanity Fair. The shots all featured the artist without makeup, or clothes, and aimed to further highlight the notion of body positivity -- which Lovato still raises awareness for today. Additionally, she has since started her own campaign for mental health, called Be Vocal

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Amy Winehouse for the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care 
In 2009, Amy Winehouse joined singer Sade and actress Helena Bonham Carter to call attention to the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care -- an organization whose aim is to help women, specifically those 50 and under, suffering from breast cancer. The nude shot of Winehouse, in which duct tape covered her up top and her guitar covered down low, appeared in the British magazine Easy Living.  

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Dixie Chicks for freedom of speech 
Back in 2003, while the Dixie Chicks was riding the success of and promoting their latest album Home, the trio soon found themselves in media mayhem. While introducing the song "Travelin' Soldier" during a show, vocalist Natalie Maines said they were "ashamed" that then-president George W. Bush was from Texas. The backlash was strong, and the trio appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly soon after, covered by nothing more than phrases of text, such as "Free speech" and "Peace." 

Joss Stone for PETA

Just last year, Joss Stone posed for PETA in effort to draw attention to the use of animal skins -- crocodiles and alligators in particular -- for handbags. Unlike other nude ads, here Stone's body was concealed by body paint, a careful and tastefully done work of art that had her skin resemble that of the reptiles in need of protecting. 

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Mel B for CoppaFeel 
The former Spice Girl recreated a classic photo in the name of breast cancer awareness back in 2012. The shot, inspired by Janet Jackson's instantly recognizable 1993 Rolling Stone cover, was featured in Cosmopolitan to promote the charity CoppaFeel -- which is exactly what her husband is doing in the photo. After finding a lump at age 17 -- which later turned out to be nothing of worry -- Mel B has since been an active voice in raising awareness for breast cancer, and promoting self-checks. 

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Danity Kane for PETA
In 2008, fresh off their sophomore release Welcome to the Dollhouse, Danity Kane took inspiration from their album (which included a song titled "Strip Tease") and and took it all off for PETA. The ad featured all five women posing nude, covered by a large sign that read "We'd rather go naked than wear fur." Member Dawn Richard later went vegan and posed for PETA once more, showing off the benefits of a meat-free diet.