Tim Armstrong Brings the NØISE in 'Little Lions' Remix: Exclusive Premiere

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Nøise 'Little Lions'

For a project that began with remix collaborations, it only seems fitting that the debut EP from NØISE will feature eight remixes of the title track "Little Lions." The EP will be released Friday via Obey Records, but check out the first-released remix of “Little Lions” by Tim Armstrong, of Rancid and The Transplants, exclusively below on Billboard.com.

Starting as a collaboration between famed artist Shepard Fairey, whose work includes the OBEY Giant and Obama “HOPE” poster, and veteran electronic musician John Goff, NØISE has been in the gestation period for several years. The two began working together as Fairey was experimenting as a DJ, and after many sessions they enlisted the help of Merritt Lear and Joe Cassidy, both members of Assassins and Butterfly Child.

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After premiering their efforts to a select group in 2014, NØISE opened up their work to other collaborators, resulting in the eight remixes included on the EP. Just as each new member of the group brought a different perspective to their songs, the remixes also add a new dimension to them. 

“Tim's remix is the perfect combination of his signature ska sound and what we created with ‘Little Lions’” Fairey says. “It's a great remix and we’re happy to have it.”

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The Little Lions EP will include remixes by The Crystal Method, Phil Hartnoll of Orbital, Z-Trip, and Moby and an additional track called “Automatic.” The EP is available for pre-order here. A limited edition double vinyl will include new artwork by Fairey, who also created the EP's cover art, and a special remix poster and artwork by Ravi Zupa. For more information on their ongoing projects, check out their official website here