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Barbra Streisand Blogs About Donald Trump: 'Facts Matter'

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Barbra Streisand attends New York Friar's Club "Barbra Streisand Room" ribbon cutting at New York Friars Club on June 13, 2016 in New York City. 

Barbra Streisand has been an avid, and vocal, supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. On Thursday (Sept. 22), she put manicured nail to keyboard in an essay on the Huffington Post entitled "Facts Matter," in which she pulls no punches about her distaste (and distrust) for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In the essay, Streisand writes, "When a politician ends almost every sentence with 'believe me'... don’t! He’s probably lying."

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The legendary star has taken to mocking Trump frequently from stage, singing a parody of Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns" earlier this month at an LGBT fundraiser for Clinton, twisting the lyrics to take swipes at the billionaire real estate mogul. "Is he that rich? Maybe he's poor/ Till he reveals his returns, who can be sure?" she sang to the crowd of 1,000 supporters. 

In her HuffPo essay, Streisand quotes PolitiFact's 71 percent rating of Trump's comments as "false," "mostly false" or "pants on fire" as proof, in her words, that "the majority of the time that Trump speaks, he is not telling the truth." In the 1,200-word essay, the singer asks if facts matter to Trump and if they don't. "This should be profoundly unacceptable to the American people. Our country and its stability is on the line. Facts do matter!"

The Funny Girl star diagnoses Trump's repeated use of the term "crooked" against Clinton as an example of the psychological malady "the disavowed self," what psychiatrists say describes a person who "refuses to recognize his own flaws" while projecting them on others. She also goes into Trump's reported checkered history of delaying or denying payment to vendors who work on his properties and the more than 1,500 lawsuits that have been filed against the candidate and his companies.

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"To those supporters who believe he’s a rich businessman and think he’s going to make them rich... get the facts straight," she writes. "When the going gets tough, Trump vanishes. He eventually filed for bankruptcy, leaving others holding the bag. And this man has the nerve to insult Hillary, who has always cared about other people? From the time she was in college, she’s been working to improve the lives of others... women, children, minorities. What has Donald Trump ever done to serve others? He only cares about promoting himself." 

The essay also goes into a point-by-point rundown of the differences between the two candidates' backgrounds and stances on issues of race and equality, summing it up with "He's basically a bully, but like all bullies, he's a coward at heart." Though the essay does get personal at times (describing Trump as a guy who looks like "a raccoon in a tanning bed... with a flying squirrel on his head"), in the end, the Grammy-winning singer makes a strong closing argument for why she thinks Trump is not the answer.

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"We cannot allow America to fall into the hands of a narcissist who has shown no regard for anyone but himself ... a bigoted and misogynist reality-TV character with no political experience and no qualms about lying loudly and often," she concludes. "There is NO equivalency between these two candidates. Only Hillary Clinton has the skills, the knowledge, the temperament and the compassion to lead this nation." 

Click here to read the full essay.


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