Ingrid Michaelson Talks Feature Film Debut in 'Humor Me' & Spreading Her Wings Beyond Music

Andrea McCallin/ABC via Getty Images
Ingrid Michaelson

As she prepares to tour to behind her sixth album -- It Doesn't Have To Make Sense, which came out in August -- Ingrid Michaelson is looking forward to spreading her creative wings beyond music. 

"I'm interested in working on a musical and working on a TV show. I have a movie that's coming out next year. I have a lot of other things I'd like to do," Michaelson tells Billboard. "I love music, the best. It's always going to be my first love, and I'm always going to make music. But I've done a lot of it. I've made a record nearly every two years, roughly, since 2007. So I'm excited to see where else music can take me. I really want to make sure I'm doing everything I want to do."

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The movie, Humor Me, is a father-son comedy that marks producer Sam Hoffman's directorial debut as well as Michaelson's feature film bow. It stars Elliott Gould and Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement along with Bebe Neuwirth, Annie Pots and Erich Bergen. Michaelson has a significant role as a love interest.

"It's the story of a kind of down on his luck writer (Clement) and his relationship with his father (Gould), trying to figure out his life," says Michaelson, who filmed her parts during the spring while she was also working on It Doesn't Have To Make Sense. "I'm not a lead, but I'm in there enough. It was really, really fun."

More movies will be one direction Michaelson pursues in the near future, especially as the touring cycle for the new album ends. "I definitely have some other contacts and things in the works," she says. "I'm working with a different agency now, so I'm excited, and I feel like there's going to be some more acting opportunities in the future. It has to be the right fit, and it has to fit around my schedule in music." But that schedule is certainly pliable in order to accommodate Michaelson's other interests.

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"I want to make another record, but I don't want to make another record until I do some of these other things," she says. "If the [next] record takes me a few years longer, that's OK. If I just come out with a couple singles, that's OK. The world is really changing. People are coming out with one song here, one song there. That's a freedom I haven't allowed myself to have, and it's an interesting place to be in -- being in my mid thirties, six records deep. It's time to figure out where all the pieces are going to go from there."

Michaelson kicks off her tour on Oct. 6 in Cincinnati and has dates announced until late November so far, and she says the songs from It Doesn't Have To Make Sense are fitting nicely next to the rest of the material in her catalog. "I have six records to choose from now, and we've already made a couple of set lists, Michaelson says. "My hope is to play at least six songs off the record, then I'm gonna play a lot of the standards that everybody loves -- maybe with different arrangements so people get satisfaction from hearing a song they love in a slightly different way. We'll do some fun covers. It's going to be really beautiful, fun and intimate when it needs to be, but also big and fun when it needs to be, too."