Lady Gaga Talks Working With Beck, Florence Welch, Mark Ronson on New Album

Lady Gaga photographed in 2016
Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Lady Gaga photographed on Sept. 9, 2016 in London.

Lady Gaga peeled back a few more layers of her new album on Monday morning (Sept. 12) when she dropped by Elvis Duran's Z100 show to talk about the galaxy of collaborators on her as-yet-untitled fifth album. "Every song on this album is completely autobiographical... These songs are implicitly related to things relating to my life," Gaga said of the tracks she's recorded over the past six months with the album's executive producer Mark Ronson.

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While she wouldn't say when the album will drop, Gaga said "really soon... it's not very far away," and that she was headed back into the studio with Ronson on Monday night to finish things up. "He's a wonderful, amazing, talented producer and he's totally embraced me as a female musician." She said the pair have been working closely for months in sessions that have pulled in a variety of special guests, including Beck, Father John Misty, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and Florence + the Machine's Florence Welch. She also noted over the weekend that Queen of the Stone Age's Josh Homme played guitar on first single, "Perfect Illusion."


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"With Beck, who I made this great dance song with, we just hung out for an hour talking in Malibu talking, just shooting the breeze," she said of the meeting of the minds that produced one of the songs on the album. Gaga said she asked Beck what he was doing the rest of the night and invited him to jam, which produced an untitled song she is really excited about.


"Florence and I when we were working together we laughed, we cried, we hugged each other," she said of her excitement about the collaboration with Welch, which she revealed is called "Hey Girl." The lyrics open with Gaga singing, "Hey girl can you hear me/ Are you holdin' out your heart," to which Welch responds, "Hey girl can you feel me/ Sometimes I go too far." Gaga continued to recite her verses, "Hey girl it ain't easy I know it's pullin' me apart/ Hey girl don't you leave me/ Hey girl don't you leave me/ Hey girl we can make it easy if we lift each other/ We don't need to on oneing-up another." 

Talk also turned to Gaga's second career as an actress, revealing that she's definitely coming back for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, though she will most definitely not play the Countess again (a role for which she won a Golden Globe). She also discussed working on the reboot of A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper.  

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"Bradley Cooper is amazing to work with, he's so talented and he's so fun," she said of her director and co-star. Gaga said she's always striving to become a better actress and described her screen test for the film, during which Cooper was directing and acting at the same time, feeding her lines off camera while coordinating all the shots. She also revealed that she's executive producing the soundtrack, though she wouldn't reveal what the sound will be. She did, however, perform an impromptu duet with Duran on the film's iconic song "Evergreen."

Reacting to Duran's off-key warbling, Gaga promised that the soundtrack would not sound like that, but noted that while she's been preparing for the film and reading the script over and over, "I laugh, cry, smile, get excited and completely sob reading it. And it's new."

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Gaga performed the album's first single, "Perfect Illusion," at London's Moth Club on Saturday, playing a raucous, rocking version of the song while dressed in silver hot pants and a grey half shirt, with electrical tape covering her nipples.