Mel B Explains Why The Spice Girls Reunion Will Be Missing Some Major Girl Power

Mel B on The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Mel B on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Friendship never ends, right? Well, sort of. Scary Spice Mel B dropped a bombshell during her visit to James Corden's Late Late Show on Thursday night (Sept. 8), revealing why only some of the Spice Girls are reuniting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album. 

Noting that Mel recently posted a picture of herself with fellow Girls Geri "Ginger" Horner and Emma "Baby" Bunton, Corden asked the America's Got Talent judge to confirm the rampant rumors that at least some of the Girls are on board for the latest re-boot.



"We are going to do something... us three. We're going to perform and celebrate, you know, together for the people," she said. "I think because we're a British band we're probably going to start in London and then work our way around to see wherever else wants to see it." As for why it's only a three-piece this time around, Mel had a typically acerbic, jokey answer: "because the other two bitches didn't want to do it!" 

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She was kidding of course. "Let me correct that," she laughed. "My other two fellow lovely ladies -- you know Victoria [Beckham is] busy with her great fashion line, Mel C is doing her own album -- so they gracefully said 'you three go ahead and do it.'" 

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