Watch Justin Bieber Show Off His 'Homey' Home

Courtesy of BBC Radio 1
Justin Bieber gives a tour of his house to BBC Radio 1.

BBC Radio 1 gets an inside look at the pop star's personal world.

BBC Radio 1 recently took a tour of Justin Bieber's home -- and recorded it all for his fans' viewing pleasure. They start off -- and actually stay -- outside for the duration of the footage.

The video begins with a shot that shows a white leather couch sitting on the grass. Not really patio furniture, but "never say never" when it comes to Bieber's interior (or exterior) decorating choices.

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The singer says he spends his rare time off at the house -- "it's very homey" -- and that a chill day includes swimming in his pool, complete with a water slide he bought for his sister, or going bass fishing on his own pontoon boat in his own personal pond.

After they walk the rest of the grounds, Bieber continues to answer questions as they simultaneously play a game of one-on-one basketball. Watch the full video below.