Justin Bieber Still Not on Instagram, But His Puppy 'Todd the Stud' Is

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Justin Bieber performs on stage during his "Purpose" tour at Madison Square Garden on July 19, 2016 in New York City.  

Justin Bieber remains a ghost on Instgram, but Beliebers have, well, something to take heart in now that it appears JB's adorable puppy, Todd, has his own feed. Though it's unclear if Bieber runs the @toddthestud page, Bieber's "new little fluff ball" has given the singer's other dog, Esther The Cutie, some competition. (Seriously, who names these pups?)

UPDATE: Justin Bieber's Instagram is Not Back

Todd (39,6000) has a way to go before catching up to Esther, who has nearly 700,000 followers so far. With only two posts to date, Todd appears to be easing in slowly, with a solo shot last week and a hug-down with Justin's younger sister, Jazmyn, on Sunday (Sept. 5). 

Check out the pics:



I love @jazmynbieber hugs

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Hey. It's me Todd.

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Bieber's maybe girlfriend, Sofia Richie, is also clearly enamored of the Chow as well.



Mornings with Todd--

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