Watch Christina Grimmie's 'Without Him' Video From Posthumous 'Side A' Visual EP: Exclusive Premiere

Christina Grimmie in the video for "Without Him."
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Christina Grimmie in the video for "Without Him."

For the past month, Billboard has been sharing the music Christina Grimmie left behind, following her untimely death on June 10 at the age of 22. Today (Sept. 1) we give you the final installment of her four-song Side A visual EP -- a resilient, empowering pop anthem called “Without Him.”

It’s the closing of the "Ballad of Jessica Blue,” a musical narrative the Voice alum followed across the four-video series. As Jessica Blue, Grimmie takes the advice of those around her to power through self-doubt over her musical career and relationship troubles. Here, she finally finds herself through taking the stage to perform “Without Him” before a passionate crowd. The song builds with each verse and chorus, finally blossoming into an excellent closing, complete with some impressive vocal runs. “This life ain’t meant to be lived without him,” she sings. 

'The Voice' Alum Christina Grimmie on the Billboard Charts

Watch the visual below, and get caught up on the previous Grimmie songs Billboard premiered: “Snow White,” “Anybody’s You,” and “Deception.” They were all directed by King Hollis of Media 13 Studios.