Watch Christina Grimmie's 'Deception' Video from Posthumous 'Side A' EP: Exclusive Premiere

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Christina Grimmie, "Deception"

The adventures of Jessica Blue near their conclusion in the new video for "Deception," the third in a series of posthumous videos released after Christina Grimmie's untimely death in June. Premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Aug. 25) 

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In the video, Grimmie's Blue arrives at a recording session clearly upset and flustered before the scene flashes back to the singer worrying that she's losing out on her career opportunities, and maybe even her mind. "See that girl? She is beautiful, no matter what," says her mom, as the song's gentle piano accompaniment plays in the background. 

Rifling through her song sheets and lyrics, Grimmie takes solace in mom's advice: "there are some things you can never lose once you find them... your voice is one of them." And just like that, Blue/Grimmie sits down at the piano to sing the moving ballad about a love that slipped away. 

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The five-minute clip picked up where the previous episode, "Anybody's You," left off. In that chapter, Grimmie's character suspicious that her boyfriend is cheating on her, followed him and another woman through a building to a romantic rooftop. "You didn't ever care for me," she sings on "Deception" with increasing urgency as the scene fades to black.

Four Christina Grimmie Music Videos Will Premiere on Billboard in August

Before Grimmie was shot and killed by a fan, she had been working on a series of music videos to accompany her recent four-song Side A EP, calling it The Ballad of Jessica Blue. Her family has shared all of these videos exclusively with Billboard every week during August. 

Watch the "Deception" video here: