Kevin Garrett Looks for Comfort After Disappointment on Emotional Track 'Precious': Premiere

Kevin Garrett
Shervin Lanez

Kevin Garrett

"When you forget about me, don't be so precious about it," croons singer/songwriter/producer Kevin Garrett on his melodic new offering "Precious." Known for delivering emotional love notes (see: his beautiful 2015 project Mellow Drama), it's no wonder Beyoncé tapped Garrett for the Lemonade deep cut "Pray You Catch Me." 

"Precious is my closest attempt at optimism, trying to access some sort of comfort in being let down," he tells Billboard over e-mail about his latest track. "The song touches on not allowing someone or something to linger and being confident in getting through on your own."

Singer Kevin Garrett Talks Writing & Producing Beyonce's Emotional 'Lemonade' Opener 'Pray You Catch Me'

Garrett also recorded the song in the solace of his bedroom. "I think I can relate it to how I wrote and produced the song alone in my bedroom," he adds. I'm working on showcasing my independence amidst feeling dependent on something specific."

Listen to "Precious," also available on iTunes, below.