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Kesha Addresses Dr. Luke Lawsuit During Show, 'It's F---ing Horrible'

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Humane Society Of The United States
Kesha performs at Paramount Studios on May 7, 2016 in Hollywood, Calif.

Kesha has been relatively quiet about her lawsuit against former mentor/producer Dr. Luke recently, but during a show in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, the singer opened up a bit about the toll the legal battle has taken on her. “I feel like if you’re a human being, you go through pain," she said during the show in support of Gabby Giffords' Americas for Responsible Solutions PAC group. "And you go through hurt. And every single one of us knows that emotion. I don’t know if you guys know what I am going through. I’m going through a lawsuit. It’s f---ing horrible." 


The Saga of Kesha, Dr. Luke and a Mother's Fight: 'He Almost Destroyed Us' (Exclusive)

The show for the group started by the former Congresswoman who was the victim of an attempted assassination in 2011, also featured Kesha, 29, weighing in on the nation's struggle with deadly gun violence. As reported by the Huffington Post, the singer said that though we as a nation can't control who feels hurt and pain and what they're going to do with that anguish, “we can control who we give the f---ing weapons to... I think the universe is screaming at us that there needs to be a change and we have to f---ing listen... I do think love is something as humans we all have and I hope heals us. I really believe that love and empathy, it can heal us." 

Kesha's Relationship with Dr. Luke: A Timeline

Kesha recently announced that she's going on a summer tour and planning to play songs "you've never heard me play before, and songs I may never play again." Kesha is battling against Luke (born Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald), over allegations that he drugged and raped her and psychologically abused her from the time she moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to pursue a music career through her breakthrough five years later; Luke has denied the charges.