Chvrches & Hayley Williams Get Animated in 'Bury It' Video: Watch

"Bury It" by Chvrches featuring Hayley Williams.
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A scene from the video for "Bury It" by Chvrches featuring Hayley Williams.

If you've been digging the sound of of Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry's voice jockeying with Paramore's Hayley Williams on the remix of Chvrches' "Bury It" then you'll probably love the animated clip for the song. The video from frequent collaborator Jamie McKelvie, with animation from Mighty Nice, is set in an alternate world where Mayberry and band practice their power to levitate objects using just their minds. 

That's cool, until they meet Williams, whose own telekinetic powers are equally impressive, inspiring the group's members to explore their previously untapped powers of flight.


As reported by Pitchfork, in a statement announcing the video, Chvrches' Iain Cook explained the genesis of the clip. "Ever since Jamie McKelvie began working with us on CHVRCHES poster designs, we have been discussing ways in which we could further our creative relationship. His work on comics such as Phonogram, Young Avengers and most recently The Wicked + The Divine have cemented his reputation as one of the most unique and exciting artists." 

Watch Hayley Williams Join Chvrches Onstage to Perform 'Bury It' 

McKelvie was equally psyched to extend the partnership. "Music has always had a big influence on my work, and making a music video seemed like a natural progression of that. Getting the opportunity to work on this video with such great collaborators - CHVRCHES, Hayley Williams, and Mighty Nice - meant the reality turned out even better than I’d imagined." 

The remix of "Bury It" will be featured on the upcoming extended edition of Chvrches' second album, Every Open Eye.