Emblem3 Make Plea For 'Summer' Love With Breezy Acoustic Performance

Eric Williams
Emblem 3

Emblem3 – the reggae-tinged pop act comprised of brothers Keaton and Wesley Stromberg and longtime pal Drew Chadwick – have come a long way since their stint on “The X Factor” back in 2013. Finishing fourth on the reality series, the Sequim-bred act's exposure inked them a deal with SYCO/Columbia, with their debut LP “Nothing To Lose” reaching No. 7 on the Billboard 200, netting them an opening slot supporting Selena Gomez on tour.

And after parting ways with Sony Music, the boys have come back swinging with the release of their latest single “End of Summer” followed by the raucous Waking Up EP earlier this year. While in New York City during a stop on their “Waking Up” tour , the group invited Billboard’s cameras inside the cozy walls of the Brooklyn Patch – one of two houses established by SOUR PATCH KIDS to support touring artists -- for an intimate performance of their breezy new single.

“End of the Summer is an anthem for this summer,” Keaton tells Billboard. “This song captures the idea of summer love and finding your significant other by the End of the Summer.”

Watch the video above to get lifted by the sunny anthem and keep an eye out for the group's next full length LP coming this fall.