Singaporean Indie Pop Upstart Linying Eyes Global Takeover With 'Sticky Leaves': Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy Photo

Meet Linying. The Singaporean singer-songwriter has been featured on tracks by European electronic house producers like Felix Jaehn and KRONO and her melodies have spun out to the masses at dance festivals all over the globe. But today, the artist takes center stage with the release of her new single "Sticky Leaves," premiering exclusively via Billboard.

An angelic folk-pop song, "Sticky Leaves" waxes poetic with earthy imagery and lush instrumentals. As the track builds slowly from a piano-driven ballad to its quicker-paced electronic climax, Linying's voice remains the focal point, soaring higher and higher as she coos "for every wreck I still believe in the greatest life and stickiest leaves."

"I think there was a lot of disillusion and disappointment for me growing out of my teenage years and learning to live life out," the singer tells Billboard. "The song was probably my way of coming to terms with it -- acknowledging that there are things that you think should be but just aren't, and that there is, nevertheless, a worldly, fleshly, impermanent sort of beauty to living that's worth seeing even if without understanding."