New Kids on the Block's 'Rock This Boat': See That Moment When Jonathan Knight Was 'Violated' While Crowd-Surfing

New Kids on the Block in Rock This Boat
Courtesy of Pop TV

New Kids on the Block in a promo photo for season 2 of Rock This Boat.

Plus: See Jordan Knight get his spray-tan on in another exclusive clip before season 2 premieres Wednesday night on Pop TV.

Rock This Boat, the Pop TV reality series chronicling the annual New Kids on the Block fan cruise, returns for season 2 on Wednesday night (June 1) at 8:30 p.m. ET, and Billboard can exclusively share two preview clips -- including the moment one fan shockingly crossed the line with Jonathan Knight.

The 47-year-old singer was crowd-surfing during the four-day cruise, when a fan somehow, um, put her hand into his pants. "One of the [NKOTB] guys crowd-surfed on the cruise one time, then everybody wanted to do it and it became a thing. I was like, 'I'm not doing that!'" Knight tells Billboard. "It's not that I don't trust fans, but I figured one of these days someone's going to drop us or do something crazy. Sure enough, this was the year I got violated. I was a little upset, but it was all in good fun.

"It's just funny how girls will grab and touch you and I'll say, 'If I grabbed you like that, you'd charge me with sexual harassment!' And their response is always, 'You can touch me there!'"

Watch it all go down below:

So what did Knight's longtime partner Harley Rodriguez think about the incident?

"He's used to all the antics," laughs Knight. "I took him on two of our cruises and now he's like, 'Been there, done that, I know what happens. Go have a great time.'"

Despite the outrageous behavior, Knight says the group has formed genuine friendships with their fans since reuniting for 2008's comeback album The Block. The pop star sees the annual cruise as "a big family reunion," during which he's thrilled to run into familiar faces in the hallway, make surprise visits to cabins and "catch up on the lives" of fans.

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It's a far cry from the manic height of the boy band's late '80s/early '90s fame, during which the prospect of being trapped at sea with thousands of Blockheads annually would have (and did) send the vocalists onto the first flight home. "We did a cruise in 1990 for Coca-Cola, and when we got to the Bahamas, my brother [Jordan] was like, 'I can't take this. I have to get out of here,'" recalls Knight. "He took a plane from the Bahamas back to Miami and didn't come back."

While Knight continued on, what followed was a tumultuous few years during which juggling global superstardom with crippling anxiety and a supposedly perilous personal life became increasingly difficult. The Massachusetts native was pressured to hide his sexuality to protect his heartthrob status and didn't tell some of his closest friends that he was gay. "There was a lot of stress on me from the record company, my management and everybody saying, 'You can't tell anybody!'

"Thank goodness there weren't paparazzi and social media like there is nowadays," he adds. "I wouldn't want to be a Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez with the way social media is. These kids try to get away from touring life, and all eyes are still on them. We were able to get away, hide out and escape."

Escape is what Knight did after leaving the group shortly before they disbanded in 1995. Retreating from the limelight, he passed long nights grappling with post-pandemonium life by caring for his young nephews and eventually entered into real estate. Now, nine years on from NKOTB's reunion, Knight says the second go-round has been significantly more enjoyable. Fans have become "family," his love life is now celebrated more than frowned upon, and anxiety failed to stop him competing with Rodriguez in The Amazing Race during the group's downtime.

While his anxiety still surfaces and has, at times, forced him offstage, fans remain supportive and generally unfazed. Yet despite having taken on more solo parts in the group's last record, 10, as the chart-toppers prepare to get back in the studio "this winter," Knight is refreshingly candid about whether we'll continue to hear his voice more prominently in upcoming music. "Probably not! When I was 16 and got into the New Kids, that was my life. … Then I left and got into my real estate business. People think it's weird when I say that New Kids isn't my passion -- it is a passion, but it's probably my No. 2 passion.

"I'm not like my brother or Joe, who live for writing songs and performing live," he continues. "The thing that I'm passionate about with New Kids is the fan interaction. I love being around fans and making people happy. And we're at a point in our careers where New Kids fans know I'm not ever going to become a solo artist or be up there singing solo. So it all works out."

In another exclusive clip from the show, watch Jordan Knight self-tan: