J. Lo and More Lip Sync to New RedOne Single 'Don't You Need Somebody': Exclusive

Jiro Schneider


Songwriter/producer RedOne (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Nicki Minaj) is back with a new song—his own debut as an artist.  “Don’t You Need Somebody,” teams the Grammy Award winner with Iglesias, R. City, Serayah and Shaggy. The spirited pop track was released globally on May 20.

“This is something I’ve always done,” says RedOne, who is signed to Warner Bros. and started out as a vocalist and guitarist with various rock bands in Sweden. “But I wasn’t ready to do it before; I was still exploring as a music producer. Now I feel this is the right song, very rhythmic and uplifting. It shows who I am.”

RedOne is back in Los Angeles after a three-year sojourn in Spain. During that time, he produced several hit singles in Europe including “Boys Will Be Boys” by Paulina Rubio. Mark Anthony also scored a Latin hit with “Vivir Mi Vida,” his salsa version of RedOne’s “C’est La Vie” which the producer originally created for singer Cheb Khaled in France.

“Then I missed Los Angeles,” says RedOne, who is busy writing and producing for upcoming albums by Iglesias and Warner Bros. artists Spencer Ludwig and Kaya Stewart, daughter of the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart. That work slate also includes RedOne’s reunion with Lady Gaga, revealed last year.

Updating the duo’s progress (their prior collaborations include the hits “Just Dance” and “Love Game”), RedOne says, “We’ve done like eight songs but nothing is decided. She’s still trying to figure out what her next thing is, but it’s exciting.”

Regarding the timetable for his own solo album, RedOne says, “I have an album’s worth of songs right now and still working on more. But first I want to release more singles to show people the diversity of all the music I have in my head.”

In the teaser clip below, RedOne and friends Jennifer Lopez, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and filmmaker/artist Mr. Brainwash lip-sync to “Don’t You Need Somebody.”