Watch Ryan Egan's Entrancing Shadow-Dancing Video for 'Finest Hour': Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy Photo
Ryan Egan in the video for "Finest Hour"

New York City-based artist Ryan Egan premiered his shimmering single "Finest Hour" last month with Billboard, and now he returns with an accompanying black-and-white video featuring mysterious shadow dancers.

Directed by the indie pop artist himself and Janis Munz, Egan fluidly dances in a stark room as he effortlessly moves to every airy snyth, while shadows from the walls come alive. The video was shot before he recorded the final version of "Finest," as Egan has had his heart set on the visuals for a while.

Indie Pop Artist Ryan Egan Shines on His 'Finest Hour' Single: Premiere

"I wanted to do a music video involving shadow dancing for a long time, and that was the original concept behind this, but we ended up getting some amazing dancers onboard, and the visual became more live as opposed to just shadows on a wall," Egan told Billboard.

He also spent a month working on the choreography with Nicola Collie, which he says was a rewarding experience along with Munz's direction.

"I feel that this song is so tied to the visual at this point that the release feels somewhat overdue, and I'm really glad to finally share it with everyone.”

Check out the video for "Finest Hour" below: