Jennifer Lopez Unleashes Women's Revolution in Hillary-Quoting 'Ain't Your Mama' Video: Watch

Jennifer Lopez in the video for "Ain't Your Mama."
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Jennifer Lopez in the video for "Ain't Your Mama."

Jennifer Lopez drops multiple pop culture and social references in the vastly entertaining video to “Ain’t Your Mama,” the female power anthem penned for her by Meghan Trainor.

Beginning with a one-sided phone conversation that probably every working woman in the world has had (“I’m tired, I’ve been working all day! No, I can't...you should [do it]”), Lopez then takes us to a TV news studio where Hillary Clinton’s famous “Human rights are women’s rights” speech can be heard in the background.

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From that point on, Lopez embarks on a history of women’s fight for independence, from a 1950s kitchen to an assembly line to a 1980s boardroom (which immediately evokes the film 9 to 5) where Lopez, dolled up in a purple shoulder-padded jacket and big hair, is shut out of the meeting.

Her rallying cry, asking women everywhere to get up and scream "I Ain't Your Mama!" is a reference to the famous "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!” cry heard in the 1976 satire Network.

It ends with an all-women power march/dance. Watch.