What Is That Angel Painting in Britney Spears' Selfies? We Tracked Down the Artist

Britney Spears on The Tonight Show in 2014
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Britney Spears appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 9, 2014.

When Britney Spears isn't busy with her residency in Las Vegas, the pop sensation loves to post photos on social media showing off her tanned, toned body, and followers of the singer -- Billboard included -- can't help but notice a painting that keeps popping up in the singer's selfies.

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See exhibits A, B and C for yourself below, including her neon bathing-suit photo posted Tuesday:


Bought three new swimsuits today -- This one is my favorite!

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Getting crafty with the green paint lol... Hope you all have a wonderful, brilliant, blessed day! --

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Yellow on Good Friday --

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After some Catfish-level Googling and a phone call to Florida, Billboard tracked down the artist behind Britney's ever-present painting. The art piece, titled "Luminaris," is the work of Polish-American artist Tomasz Rut. Rut lives in Florida, where he continues to paint at his studio in Hollywood, Florida, and sell art at his gallery in Boca Raton, though we reached him by phone Wednesday (May 4) in Las Vegas. (Checking out Spears' Piece of Me show, perhaps?)

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According to Rut, "Luminaris" is one of several music-inspired images he has painted (others include a naked woman playing the piano and a nude woman playing the violin). "It's this musician inspired by the angel," Rut says. "You can interpret it many different ways." The pop star did not buy the painting directly from Rut, and he has not yet had the opportunity to meet her.

Spears isn't the only prominent figure to own the angelic piece: In 2011, Rut also gifted a copy of "Luminaris" to Lech Walesa, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the first Democratic president of Poland.

Sadly, only about 50 canvas copies of "Luminaris" exist, Rut says, but Spears superfans can re-create her selfies for a $4,200 fee.

-- Additional reporting by Keith Caulfield