Greyson Chance Grows Up With 'Back on the Wall' Video

Greyson Chance Back on the Wall 2016
Courtesy Photo

Greyson Chance in the video for "Back on the Wall."

Anyone who opened a YouTube tab in 2010 knows the story of Greyson Chance. Greyson became a bona fide YouTube sensation after Ellen DeGeneres aired a video of the then-12-year-old singing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" on her show, amazing the audience with his voice and piano chops at his school's sixth grade festival. Six years and countless TV interviews later, Greyson's over six feet tall and moving his career in a seemingly subdued direction. Greyson showcases his deeper vocals, complemented by numerous pensive greyscale shots, in "Back on the Wall," his latest single from his upcoming EP Somewhere Over My Head. Somewhere Over My Head is touted as "soulful pop with a modern twist," with his R&B, funk, and jazz influences sprinkled throughout.

“Considering I had not released a music video in over three years, I wanted to come back with a video that showed a more mature side," says Greyson. "'Back on the Wall' and this upcoming EP is all about reintroducing myself as who I am now, and letting people know that I am not just the 12-year-old kid anymore.”

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