If You Love Meghan Trainor's 'NO,' Listen to These Late '90s/Early '00s Classics

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Meghan Trainor "NO" 

Is it possible to get nostalgic about the turn of the millennium, a mere 16 years ago? The answer is a resounding yes, only made clearer by the release of Meghan Trainor's "NO" and its very Y2K-leaning music video this month.

The sassy single harks back to a time when Justin and Britney were pop's power couple (still not over their matching denim outfits) and every hit song was produced in Sweden (though, given Max Martin's enduring popularity, that never really ended).

Meghan Trainor Shows a New Side in Sexy, Dance-y 'NO' Video

After Trainor's first album threw back to a decidedly different era -- with her doo-wop-infused "All About That Bass" and "Lips Are Movin'" -- this was a welcome change for the best new artist Grammy winner. But since all that's old is new again, let's take a listen to Meghan's musical foremothers -- the women who also didn't have time to get picked up in a bar by some cheesy rando. They're all backed by the same staccato beat and, just like Meghan's tough-and-sexy look in the "NO" video, they looked great (and shiny) while putting a scrub in his place.

Blu Cantrell, "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)"

Destiny's Child, "Bills Bills Bills"

Pink, "There You Go"

Samantha Mumba, "Gotta Tell You"

TLC, "No Scrubs"

Bonus Pick: Britney Spears' entire catalog

Now, here's Meghan: