Every Justin Timberlake & Pharrell Song (So Far)

Jerod Harris/WireImage
Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake perform during the 2013 BET Awards at Nokia Plaza on June 30, 2013 in Los Angeles, Calif.  

When Justin Timberlake shared a photo in the studio with Pharrell Williams last week, fans' minds raced back to 2002, when The Neptunes (Pharrell's production duo with Chad Hugo) produced more than half of JT's debut solo album, Justified -- or maybe even back to 2001, when *NSYNC dipped their toes into the hip-hop waters for the first time with the Neptunes-produced hit "Girlfriend."

Since Justified, however, Timberlake has worked almost exclusively with Timbaland on his three subsequent solo albums -- FutureSex/LoveSounds and The 20/20 Experience Part 1 and Part 2 -- leaving the Justin/Pharrell catalog to a surprisingly slight 11 songs (!).

Justin Timberlake & Pharrell Reunite in the Studio

That could all change if songs from their latest studio visit see the light of day. (Who doesn't want the 2016 version of "Rock Your Body," "Senorita" or "Like I Love You"?) But until then, enjoy every song they've released together so far (in chronological order):



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*NSYNC, "Girlfriend" (Celebrity)

Justin Timberlake, "Senorita" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "Like I Love You" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "Take It From Here" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "Rock Your Body" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "Nothin' Else" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "Last Night" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "Let's Take a Ride" (Justified)

Justin Timberlake, "I'm Lovin' It" ("Last Night" B-side)

Snoop Dogg feat. Charlie Wilson and Justin Timberlake, "Signs" (R&G)

Pharrell feat. Justin Timberlake, "Brand New" (GIRL)