Fifth Harmony Debuts 'Work From Home' Video, Talks Renaming Single to Avoid Rihanna Confusion

Fifth Harmony, 2016
Sasha Samsonova

Fifth Harmony

Not long after officially announcing their second album was on the way, Fifth Harmony have shared the first taste of 7/27.

And no, we're not talking about a teeny tease of the lead single. Today (Feb. 26) sees the release of the "Work From Home" single (after its premiere on Elvis Duran's morning show) and video (watch it below!) featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

The sexy, sweaty "Work From Home" clip could also be called "Work on a Home," because the video finds the quintet building a house alongside some shirtless, ripped construction workers. From mixing cement to handling power tools, 5H actually look pretty comfortable entering the home improvement realm (HGTV should consider reaching out for a TV special).

Just before the single's official release, Fifth Harmony singer Dinah Jane got on the phone with Billboard to talk about working with Ty, how the release of Rihanna's "Work" affected their work-centric song and why they have "more of a voice" on their second album.

So 7/27 is coming out May 20. How is this album different from the first one?

We've definitely matured and grown in the last year, compared to our Reflection album. It's more edgy and I feel we had more of a voice. We were included in the project -- that's what we always wanted and we've finally been given the opportunity. Our voice has been more engaged in this project -- from the taste in the music to speaking from the heart and the direction. We've incorporated our ethnicities into this album. We're five different girls and we come from different cultures and backgrounds, and that explains our album 7/27. It's about how we all started: 7/27 is the day we were formed, when we were placed together to become a group.

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You said you have more of a voice on this album -- how so?

Decision-making, and we had a direction on this album genre-wise. I feel like before we were still defining Fifth Harmony's sound and figuring out where we wanted to go. I feel like this one is more edgy. I describe it as a "new era" for Fifth Harmony. For us to finally release this little secret of ours is exciting.

So the "Work From Home" video is basically you guys and a bunch of hot construction dudes. Was it the most fun video shoot ever?

[Laughs] That's actually all I was staring at the whole time. When you watch this video you can't help but stare at these men! But of course when you're doing construction work, you need some men to help you out, you cant be the only one lifting. It was so much fun to be on set with everybody -- the director, the team involved and Ty Dolla $ign. I'm so happy he agreed to be on this with us. He's definitely one of my favorite artists. Especially after his song "Paranoid" I was like, "Guys, we gotta get this dude on our song," and he was a perfect fit for this song. The way he rides it and brings a different feel to the song. He brought it.

There's a strong history of work-related pop songs, from Britney to -- very recently -- Rihanna. I think yours fits nicely into the canon.

Well, our song was originally called "Work" and when Rihanna dropped, it was like, "Hell no, can't have the same song as the queen." So we put in "from home," just added two words. But definitely -- Britney, Rihanna, it's amazing for you to even mention ours in the same breath.

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You auditioned for X Factor with a Beyonce song. What do you think about "Formation"?

Of course the Queen slayed "Formation." Formation is definitely an empowering song for her to come out and show her side of her culture as well. The girl is from Louisiana and Texas, and I love that these artists are showing where they came from now. I appreciate that. You don’t always see that.

How does the new album show where you came from?

This album definitely shows our ethnicities. I'm an island girl, from the Pacific Islands. I'm Polynesian, a mix of everything, Tongan, Samoan, Danish. Everyone always thought of me as being African-American or Latin, and I love that, but I'm glad I can bring a little island to this album. With the new music, we were giving it a little reggae vibe with the beats -- that represented me. And we all love it.

Any message for Harmonizers?

7/27 -- you guys are so going to love it. I know y'all will be feeling it as much as we are.