YouTube Star Ricky Dillon Releases 'Gold' Album, Debuts 'Problematic' Video With Snoop Dogg

Ricky Dillon
Courtesy of Ricky Dillon

Ricky Dillon

After vlogging his way to fame, YouTuber Ricky Dillon continues to shine with a new album titled Gold

After launching his music career as a member of YT group Our2ndLife (a.k.a. O2L), the North Carolina native has rolled out viral magnets solo like "Beat" and "Steal the Show" featuring Trevor Moran -- both of which have landed more than a million views.

Dillon says that boasting 2.9 million followers on the 'Tube (and 7.6 million fans across social media) offers welcome pressure.

"There’s definitely pressure. I’m only human, so obviously I would love for every single person to like it, but that’s impossible," he tells Billboard over the phone. "That keeps me focused and motivated to do my best. If everyone just casually liked everything I made, I would probably get almost lazy and not try as hard."

For his new single "Problematic," Dillon puts in work with Snoop Dogg, all thanks to Dillon's producer Bobby J, who worked with the West Coast rap legend and his associates.

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"Snoop Dogg really liked the song," says Dillon. "He believed in the project. He feels good about it and it just worked out. Snoop Dogg was really nice, super humble." 

As for his 2016 goals, the Pretty Little Liars superfan says he's eyeing a big-screen career. "A big goal of mine is to tackle the acting world more," he reveals.

For now, Dillon is focused on his new album Gold, now available on iTunes. Check out his new video for "Problematic" with Snoop Dogg below.