TLC's Chilli Debuts Solo Song 'Body' for New Dance Workout & Offers Kickstarter Album Update

Chilli leads a CIZE dance workout in Santa Monica, Calif.
Beachbody for CIZE

Chilli leads a CIZE dance workout at Santa Monica, Calif.'s Beachbody headquarters

"We're trying to finish up the album, and after today, [it will be] day in, day out, just getting this album done."

If you've ever wanted abs like Chilli from TLC, you don't need to chase waterfalls to get them.

On Tuesday, Chilli led a workout at the Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., to launch her new CIZE dance routine with fitness guru Shaun T. She even made a new song for the launch called "Body" -- a driving dance track meant to inspire even the most reluctant exercisers.

"I just kind of thought about working out and your body and how hard it is for people to work out and stay on that path, and those were the lyrics," Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas told Billboard after sweating it out in the studio. "So when I talked to the producer, Javon, and the other writer, Minka, I would just tell them exactly what I wanted to say, and I said, 'The beat has to make people want to dance.' That's how it came to life."

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Chilli has been dancing her whole life -- especially with her megasuccessful girl group -- and she's a firm believer in dance as the ultimate exercise. "It doesn't feel like a workout at all," she said. "So people will push themselves, especially when you have good music. That's why when people are working out, they're listening to their music, their favorite songs. It kind of pushes them along the way."

TLC fans should have some new music to dance to very soon: Chilli says she and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins are back in the studio starting Wednesday (Jan. 13) to wrap up their Kickstarter-backed fifth and final album, for which they raised more than $430,000.

"We're trying to finish up the album, and after today, [it will be] day in, day out, just getting this album done," she said, offering a small hint about what's to come that will surely please the many CrazySexyCool fans out there. "I'll just say this: We're bringing back our interludes. We've come up with some really fun, funny stuff for people to enjoy."

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Chilli isn't quite ready to divulge the album's release date or title just yet. "We finally have a name for it, so we're really happy about that," she would say.

You can listen to "Body" below along with Shaun T's motivational instructions. To do the full routine yourself, visit DanceWithChilli.com.

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