Budding Parisian Pop Star Cocovan Reveals 'Mirage Of Us' Lyric Video (Exclusive)

Thibault Debaveye

Over the past few years, the budding Parisian star Cocovan has made quite a name for herself in her home city. But last year, she felt the call to immerse herself in American culture, by way of a move to downtown Los Angeles.

Since then, she has revamped her sound as well, with her latest offering channeling '80s pop icons from Madonna to Cyndi Lauper. Today (Jan. 7), Coco releases the lyric video for the glittering single "Mirage of Us," premiering exclusively via Billboard

As her breathy vocals skitter over shimmering synths and retro instrumentation, she coos "you make me feel love, like the rough kind maybe, I let you make me yours, but you're never mine."

"The song is about embracing the idea that you can find pleasure in pain in an impossible romance," Coco tells Billboard. "The video is a tribute to my favorite thing in the world -- karaoke.”

Keep an eye out for Coco's next single "Chic," which will be dropping in early 2016.