Justin Bieber Performs at Leonardo DiCaprio's Star-Studded New Year's Eve St. Barts Bash: Exclusive

Justin Bieber performs during Power 96.1's Jingle Ball 2015
Marcus Ingram/FilmMagic

Justin Bieber performs during Power 96.1's Jingle Ball 2015 at Phillips Arena on December 17, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

At a beautiful villa in the Caribbean island of St. Barts, Justin Bieber welcomed 2016 at a private party hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Bieber treated the crowd to a mini-concert, singing a few songs as midnight approached. The audience -- of course filled with beautiful blonde models -- gave the love right back. There was a rotation of girls hugging and kissing Biebs, who started the night with a black shirt on, but lost it for good about midway through the celebration. 

"Who is representing New York? Who wants to have a good new year?” he asked. “Who has a good year resolution? Who was once not a Belieber, and is now?"

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With the crowd in the palm of his hand, Bieber was careful to keep the evening a somewhat private affair, a treat for those who made it. When he started singing “Sorry,” scores of cell phones came out, but the singer urged the partygoers to put them away. "This is not a Prince concert,” he announced, referring to a restaurant next door where Prince had just performed at Roman Abramovich’s party. “I know when Prince said put your phones down he wasn't even connected with anybody. For real though, let's just have some fun.” 

But overall, Bieber kept the vibe positive. He got on the mic, thanked “my crew from L.A.” and gave his necklace to a friend. 

The star took some personal time for reflecting on the new year, too. A little later, Bieber walked down the villa steps to the beach. He took off his hat, sat by himself for a few minutes, apparently deep in thought.

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Of course, Bieber and DiCaprio were far from the only stars on hand. Robin Thicke was there with his girlfriend April Love Geary. Kate Middleton’s younger brother James had a great time dancing. Machine Gun Kelly also took to the mic and rapped.

DiCaprio brought a star-studded entourage, which included actor/musician Lukas Haas and actor/director Kevin Connolly. And finally, let’s not forget the private chef who cooked pizza and truffle pasta until 5 a.m. 

For Beliebers new and old, 2016 is off to a promising start.

On-scene reporting done by Selma Fonesca